Valuing disabilities as differences

I now present you with a video of me reading from The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability by Susan Wendell. Why a video? Well, a couple reasons. I’m currently about halfway through this book, and wish there was a way that I could share it with everyone I know, without making them buy them book for themselves (and with the knowledge that not everyone would follow through with reading it all, even if I gifted it to them). And since I can’t just type the whole book up for everyone to read online for free, I thought I’d read small selections on a weekly (possibly bi-weekly) basis. Plus, the book is titled The Rejected Body. By filming myself reading from it, I am putting my own “rejected body” in conversation with the text.

“What would it mean, then, in practice, to value disabilities as differences? It would certainly mean not assuming that every disability is a tragic loss, or that everyone with a disability wants to be ‘cured.’ It would mean seeking out and respecting the knowledge and perspectives of people with disabilities. It would mean being willing to learn about ways of being and forms of consciousness that are unfamiliar. And it would mean giving up the myths of control and the quest for perfection of the human body.”

-The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability by Susan Wendell

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